How to reduce costs when your car is broken

Driving a car is one of the most important things to some people because it boosts their status and allows them to have control over their movement and it also gives them autonomy. In some areas with a low population, having a car could even be more important, because it will make available the opportunity to embark on a long journey as a result of public transport. Driving a car also gives comfort and it makes one’s journey stress-free, easier and quicker to wherever we are going. It is a known fact that wear and tear are bound to occur as a result of regular usage and if it happens, how would one manage costs if one’s car breaks down?

Fix minor issues by yourself 

Some essential car maintenance can help in keeping a car running effectively. To keep things running without a snag, one should ensure engine fluids are checked and topped up on regular basis. Small fault such as bad bulbs, broken mirror, fixing of brake pad, flat tires can easily be done by oneself instead of paying for the service of an auto mechanic.

Select the right insurance cover  

The most common and basic form of insurance cover is the third party which is not always cheap. To reduce costs in case of an eventuality, it is advisable to look around and go for a comprehensive insurance cover where the best offer for insurance is gotten and guaranteed.

Know little about your Car

If one wants to save cost in repairing a car anytime it breaks down you should at least know little about the car you drive by checking online for the manufacturer’s specs and get yourself familiar with the manual of the vehicle to prevent you from costly repairs and unavoidable wear and tear; which may include ground clearance; this will make you know the level of water you can cross without flooding. Also the towing capacity, this will tell you the weight you can pull to avoid damaging your engine.

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Do Thorough Finding on Mechanics

Getting the right and the best mechanic is another way to cut down costs if one’s car breaks down as it is always advisable for one to do a thorough investigation and research on the kind of mechanic that should fix your vehicle. To achieve this, check their ratings on popular review sites. If possible, go to spare parts stores and get your spare parts yourself to avoid overbilling by the mechanic. Whenever your car is with the mechanic, you might need to rent a car in the meanwhile to move around. You can read about EasyRentCars and other car rental companies on to know the right company to rent a car from.

Go for a Mobile Mechanic

Look for a mechanic that will come to your house to fix your car instead of you taking your car to their workshop, because while in your house you can monitor everything that is fixed or changed in your car. Mobile mechanics offer the best open pricing and unarguably more convenient for you as a car owner. One the reasons you should go for a mobile mechanic is because they don’t have any overhead cost associated with owning a mechanic workshop which will, in turn, make their labour cheaper than a mechanic with a workshop.

Be familiar with warning symbols 

In driving a car, one must be familiar with the warning symbols on the dashboard, so that anytime there is a warning sign that may affect your car, one would easily point it out to a mechanic to avoid the wrong diagnosis.

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